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A fun evening with my favourite toys…!

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Today marks two weeks locked with several sessions of edging & ball/tit torture, lasting at least an hour each….never been this horny in my life.

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Many of you asked me, why I have a black ‘belt’ to hold my Jailbird close to my body and where I bought it?

The belt is something I developed by myself. I always asked myself (and some of my followers asked me as well) if I could pull my dick out of the Jailbird. And it is easily done especially when you are under the shower and fully soaped. I think nothing can prevent this if you don’t have a locked piercing through the tip of your cock - which I don’t have (and the only reason why I would consider to get one).

Holding the Jailbird close to my body also has the advantage, that I can’t grow and the cage feels much more rigid. In my next posts I will show you my ‘belts’ and my learnings. Thanks for following - more than 1.000 followers show me, that you like my kind of kink. Stay locked!

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Ladies and Gentlemen: My Madam.

Fuck me for not writing entries when these photos were taken. I really should have made journal entries at the time with descriptive so-hot-you-melt-your-popsicle language.

Going to refrain from writing incorrect stories now. Just know this,…

secretmack gets hotter every fucking day.  Everytime she uses me, abuses me, hurts me, or lets me embrace my kinky side, I feel a little bit closer to her and a little bit further from the rest of the world… . . it’s an intense escape I have a hard time ignoring for the rest of the hours of the week.

This week’s deal: Choose either a) Wear chastity for a whole week, allowed to cum at madam’s discretion. OR b) don’t wear chastity, be allowed to be inside madam’s pussy and fuck at discretion of madam, but no cumming until the week is up.

WHICH OPTION WOULD YOU PICK and WHY??? If I get enough responses I will let you know what I chose…

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Sub Girl Amarantha in her steel chastity belt (bdsm)


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Master bought me a new cage for my pathetic useless cock.

Here’s the link so you can get it too..

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Button dick made to remove all traces of hair by Miss H

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They say the two best days of your life are 1. The day you buy a boat; and 2. The day you sell it. Well, based on the little excursion my wife and I had with a new friend last Saturday, I’m going to have to add a third day to that list…